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Pilot Long Murex

28 March, 2015 | Vintage

Brand: Pilot (Japanese)
Model: Long Murex (MR-500SS)
Production: October 1978 (For pen shown below) 
Nib: Integrated Steel <F> Fine Nib
Filler: Cartridge/Converter (Pilot Cartridge or Pilot Con-20 squeeze converter, con-50 is not compatible)


This was one of my early 'grail' pens when I first got into fountain pens. It's a very sleek stainless steel design with a springy little clip on a snap-on cap. Unlike the Pilot Elite of the same era the Long Murex are surprisingly easy to disassembly without tools for a deeper cleaning (though a rubber band may help get a grip on the center joint).  The nib is marked "<F>", but it writes somewhere in between Fine and Extra-Fine compared to some modern Pilot nibs I have. The nib is on the firm side, but it does have a slight amount of spring to it for a minor emphasis when writing. 

An excellent resource I've found for information regarding the MYU and Murex line is The Tokyo Fountain Pen Scene.


Murex Uncapped Murex Disassembled Murex Disassembled Murex Underside Murex Nib Tipping Murex Nib Compared