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Showcase : 3-Pen Case by 3Wunder

08 July, 2014 | Paraphernalia

Original Review was Published on Jul 8, 2014 at Kbeezie.com, and was later moved here. 

One of my hobbies is collecting fountain pens, and to protect some of the nicer pens in a collection are cases. I've noticed in the fountain pen community there are quite a few artists and crafting folks out there. Just like the pen wrap I already have (handmade by Adrienne Crockett), this green three pen case was hand made to order by 3Wunder with my choice of color, trim, thread and size.

I opted for a three pen case to allow for a smaller size than going with four pen slots. And decided I wanted a somewhat army green color with a black trim which should turn out nicely after a few years of patina setting in. I call it army green that's not quite olive, he calls it "Kermit-Hodensack-Grün" or Kermit's Ball Green (yes... he actually said that). Mainly wanted something a bit more secure to hold my Montblanc 225 or Vintage Sheaffer Pens.

Photos from his blog : Prototype Drawing of the Case, Actual Creation of the CaseFinal Results

Regarding pricing, I am not entirely certain how much he would have charged for this case. This .one was made in arrangement for a trade for my circa 1980s Eros piston filling pen. I imagine if I had to pay cash for this case it would have been around 90 USD or more to be 100% hand-made to my specifications. The case arrived yesterday all the way from Salzburg, Austria. Within the box was not only the case, but a nice simple leather keychain with the 3Wunder brand and web address pressed into it. Honestly I would not have been opposed to seeing that branding pressed onto the case itself, perhaps on the end of the flap or even the front of the main body that is hidden when closed.

Case and Keychain

One of the concerns was it not being able to hold some of my slightly larger pens. I do not really consider pens like the Platinum Century 3776 or the Pilot Falcon to be particularly thick pens, but they are roughly 15mm to 17mm thick around the cap and clip. The thickest pen I have is a cheap Jinhao 159, which will not fit in this case. However the 159 is a really inexpensive, mostly brass pen that I would have no concerns storing naked in my pant's pocket or bag. The Century 3776 does fit into the case with the snugness mostly around the cap's band.

Thickest Pens

What is nice however is that the dividers that separate the pens are only sewn on one side of the case. As a result this allows for some of the thicker pens like the 3776 to expand outward slightly into the other two slots. The Monteverde Invincia Deluxe Nighthawk I have is about the same size as the Pilot Falcon, just a little taller, so it fits nicely in this case as well.

Case Dividers

Stitching on the Back

However I probably won't be carrying those three exact pens, especially since at least two of them are a bit on the wet side. Instead I would likely carry something like the Sheaffer Touchdown Admiral, Pilot Falcon (or Nighthawk), and the Montblanc 225 (my dry writing permanent black pen).

Pens in Case

Side View

Unlike a tablet or phone case, I can see having this case for quite a few years, as opposed to one that no longer fits a new model of phone or tablet a few shy years later. I think after a few years the patina on this case should turn out quite nicely and get plenty of use with any future pens I get.

Strap Detail

Pen Case by 3Wunder

You can find more of his work at http://www.3wunder.at/, most of his site is in German, but he does speak English if you want to contact him to have a case or other leather item hand-made. One final image, showing my Platinum Century 3776, Montblanc 225, and Eversharp Skyline Demi.